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Wholesale Maternity Blanks

Babytalk Designs is pleased to announce our custom made maternity shirts are now available for purchase as blanks! We decided to have our own blanks manufactured when we began having trouble finding a reliable supplier that had consistent quality and a fit our customers loved. Our new line exceeds these expectations and we believe you will think so too!

About Babytalk Designs Blanks

1. You can choose short sleeve or long sleeve in your choice of
2. There are NO MINIMUMS!! order one or one hundred. You automatically get 10% off or more when you order six of the same size /color.
3. We believe in quality. Our blanks are what we use for our own business so we know you will love it for yours. The shirts are made with today's pregnant women and trends in mind. The shirts are fitted, but not too tight. They are very flattering and comparable in quality to today's top maternity retailers.
4. The shirts are tagless so you can add YOUR own logo! (logo free size and care tag are sewn in hem of shirt)
5. These shirts are made in the USA, locally in California! We try to always have inventory, but in the event that we run out, we always contact you immediately regarding either refunding your order or shipping when the stock comes back in. We have much shorter restock times as we do not have to wait for an international boat or customs clearance.
6. NO COMBO SIZES - a small woman is very different from a medium women. You can give your customers the size they need that will fit them the best and we have a very detailed size chart if you need help.
7. The quantity discount automatically applies to your cart when you order 6 or more of the same size and color. No additional discounts or coupon codes may be used on our wholesale blanks.
8. We are very excited to be able to be able to offer PLUS SIZE options!
9. We set up shipping to be as accurate as possible, but if when packaging your order we find the shipping calculator overcharged, we will gladly reimburse the overage!

10. How silly it seems to have to remind people of this, but past experience dictates. In purchasing our blanks you are in no way purchasing the rights to use any or our images and/or designs. All of our shirts are protected by registered US copyrights and we do legally pursue those that violate it.
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